The Mpathink DIY Pen Shelf
The "Mpathink Pen Shelf" is a practical, nice and simple-to-make do-it-yourself storage shelf for all your pens and pencils. Here is a description of how to make it. All you need are some empty cans and some screws. As well, a drill is nifty.

The shelf in use

A simple and inexpensive way to organise your pens, hanging them on the wall in empty cans. This is the “Mpathink DIY Pen Shelf”. If you like this idea, copy it.

Step 1 - Start eating

Depending on your collection of pens and pencils you might quite a lot of empty cans. Start eating canned food, and wash the empty cans afterwards.

Step 2 - Make a hole

If you have a drill available, use it to make a hole in the bottom of your cans.

Step 3 - Screw it

Screw some screws in your wall.

Step 4 - Hang ‘em

Hang the cans on the screws, fill them with your pens and pencils. And, voilà, you’re done.

Step 5 - Use ‘em

Easily take down the cans of the pens you want to use.